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Explore more opportunities and strengthen your strategies in a dynamically evolving technology, media and telecommunication industry of Iraq.

Iraq TMT Consulting Company
Iraq Technology & Media Consulting Firm
The industry is gradually being developed and encouraged. Internet penetration in Iraq had reached 48.3% as of 2017. Historically, Iraq was also the first Arab country to broadcast from a TV station. Moreover, an entrepreneurial ecosystem is also booming in the country after endless conflicts.

Telecommunications and mobile payments are currently the most competitive tech sectors in Iraq, while other tech areas are still underdeveloped. Web designing was also reported as the leading businesses in demand.

Market Research Iraq is dedicated to guide clients thrive in the technology, media & telecommunication industry in the country. Our expert team offers advisory services in various key areas such as IoT, Big Data, artificial intelligence, 5G network and digital media. Supported by our deep understanding of the market, we will give actionable insights for clients to win the local market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Iraq Market Intelligence

Our real-life business experiences help us to provide practical Iraq marketplace insights for clients to help them projecting potential shifts of market demands and competitive threats.

Iraq Market Entry

We consider some actionable alternatives to cut down financial uncertainty for clients by mapping relevant market data, including customers, partners, suppliers, competitors, and others.

Iraq Competitive Intelligence

Our team will build detailed analysis on Iraq market competition and gain insights from best practices to escape from excessive breaches. Clients will get strategic advantage from the discovery of unaddressed market opportunities and blind spots.

Iraq Customer Intelligence

Buyers' persona will be examined to generate their behavior, buying trends and also demographic for critical recommendations in the development of new products.


Iraq agriculture
The Overview and Outlook of Iraqi Oil and Agricultural Sector

One of the sectors that suffered from the serious impact of the 2019 protest is the service sector. In the 4th quarter of 2019, this sector decreased to 0.9%. Fortunately, growth was recorded in the oil and agricultural sector.

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