Our unique knowledge and expertise will guide clients to improve productivity and develop capabilities to enter and grow in Iraq manufacturing market.

Iraq Manufacturing Consulting Firm
Iraq Manufacturing Consulting Company
The country still needs further investment and development. Manufacturing activity in Iraq has been closely connected to the oil industry, as major industries have been petroleum refining and the manufacture of chemicals and fertilizers. Manufacturing output was recorded at US$3.59 billion in 2016. To increase its diversification, opportunities are present in several sectors, including F&B, chemical products, clothing and accessories, pharmaceutical products, and furniture.

Our team at Market Research Iraq will help clients by providing manufacturing advisory services in a wide range of segments, including manufacturing and processing, logistics and supply chain, industrial power and energy, chemical manufacturing, as well as industry 4.0. We bring a deep market understanding that is crucial to help clients win in the Iraqi market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Iraq Market Intelligence

Clients will be provided practical Iraq marketplace insights to help them in anticipating sudden changes in market demands as well as competitive landscape.

Iraq Market Entry

We measure some actionable options to cut down financial uncertainty for our clients by providing essential market informations, including customers, partners, channels, competitors, and many more.

Iraq Competitive Intelligence

We build comprehensive analysis on Iraq market competition and learn from previous practices to escape from excessive branches. We promise to give unique advantage for clients by exploring opportunities and blind spots in the local market.

Iraq Customer Intelligence

Our consultants will identify buying trends, demographic and behavior of targeted customers for strategic input in the development of new products.


Iraq agriculture
The Overview and Outlook of Iraqi Oil and Agricultural Sector

One of the sectors that suffered from the serious impact of the 2019 protest is the service sector. In the 4th quarter of 2019, this sector decreased to 0.9%. Fortunately, growth was recorded in the oil and agricultural sector.

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