Solve challenges, increase value, sustain growth and deliver innovative solutions to succeed in the Iraqi healthcare market.

Iraq Healthcare Consulting Company
Healthcare Market Research Consulting in Iraq
The industry is undergoing rapid development. The government of Iraq spends the average of 5-7% of its GDP on the healthcare sector. Public sector is still accounting around 75% of all health facilities in Iraq. The country currently needs skills and expertise especially to build and manage new hospitals, trained staff and advanced medical equipments. Moreover, the demand for pharmaceuticals, trauma and also emergency medical equipment is ever growing.

Market Research Iraq offers healthcare advisory services in a wide range of segments, including hospital & clinics, hospital information system, healthcare digitization, IT healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, patient monitoring intelligent & devices, and insurance. We will identify the right strategic plans to succeed in the local market competition.

Our Key Service Offerings

Iraq Market Intelligence

To support clients in foreseeing potential shifts of market demands and emergence of new competitive challenges, we will provide evidence-based Iraq marketplace insights for our clients based on real-life business practices.

Iraq Market Entry

We weigh some promising alternatives to minimize financial uncertainty for clients by giving essential market data, including customers, competitors, channels, suppliers, and many more.

Iraq Competitive Intelligence

Our team will analyze market competition in Iraq and study from previous best practices, aiming to escape from costly breaches. Clients will be provided key advantage by exploring untapped opportunities and blind spots in the local market.

Iraq Customer Intelligence

Our team will examine buyers' persona to understand their demographic, behavior, and also buying trends and give critical recommendations for new products' creation.


Iraq agriculture
The Overview and Outlook of Iraqi Oil and Agricultural Sector

One of the sectors that suffered from the serious impact of the 2019 protest is the service sector. In the 4th quarter of 2019, this sector decreased to 0.9%. Fortunately, growth was recorded in the oil and agricultural sector.

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