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Consultants with strong presence and understanding in Iraq market

About Us - marketresearchiraq.com
About Us - marketresearchiraq.com

Clients will be provided various market research and market strategy services at Market Research Iraq, a B2B advisory firm trusted to help multinational companies and Arab conglomerates growing revenues in Iraq.

Market Research Iraq, presented by YCP Solidiance, is a Middle East-focused B2B growth strategy advisory firm that is experienced in supporting Fortune 500s by delivering evidence-based market strategies across Middle East and Asia. We offer strategic recommendations that are developed based on real-time intelligence from the marketplace and customer for each client's’ specific challenges. Our team is dedicated to supporting clients’ understanding of the market(s) in which they compete in. We consider clients as our partner and 'making your success, our success' is our base philosophy. This approach has brought in our 90% repeat client rate.

We have highly skilled local and international consultants of YCP Solidiance who are experienced in managing businesses across various sectors and industries in Iran, GCC and Asia Pacific. This unique Trans-Asia experience is precisely what sets us apart from the rest advisors. We have the competency to analyze market insights from different sources, including customers, suppliers, and intermediaries in the Iraqi marketplace to create sustainable business strategies.

Our projects are implemented in-house according to our straightforward approach. We complete the work by ‘getting our hands dirty’ in the field, securing relevant information from key stakeholders and experts in all marketplace. Clients will not only get the insights and analysis generated from our own experts, but we also ensure that insights are cross-checked and verified by our networks in the industry-in-question on the ground. This will help us interpreting and analyzing something more than just plain data and provide evidence-based insights.

How We Work

Market intelligence in Iraq, customized to the clients’ needs

We do every project from square one: our philosophy is that every client requires a customized solution, not a force-fitting previous market knowledge and findings. We know comprehensively our clients’ capabilities and needs so we craft specialized approach whether it is for the Iraq market, Saudi market or any other market in Middle East and Asia - to address each of the client's particular needs and circumstances.

Renowned and evident skills, seasoned with local flavor

Our professional team is comprised of consultants from each of the markets we operate in; they are seasoned global executives armed with specific language skills, industry knowledge, and cultural understanding in the marketplace to equip our clients with the right advice and business strategies. We responsibly execute our projects in-house and never outsource our work to other parties. The vast-majority of our world-class team of expert consultants are fluent in multiple languages – whether it’s English, Persian, Russian, Bahasa, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, or Arabic – to ensure we have an ear to the local ground. Solidiance maintains the highest standards of quality, timeliness, and confidentiality needed by our clients. We comply with a set of strict regulations for NDA and legal agreements determined by our headquarters in Singapore.

Commercial insights and actionable market intelligence

Market Research Iraq employs a team of multilingual management consultants with proven track records and experience in the relevant disciplines and markets to credibly collect factual insights, provide reliable business analysis, and develop strategies that work in the marketplace. We don’t rely on secondary research, but instead, focus most of our attention on primary research utilizing our established networks to conduct face-to-face interviews with industry experts and key stakeholders at the executive and senior management level. Equipped with the right insights, our teams will conduct market analysis, identify growth opportunities, and work with our clients to develop the necessary strategies.

Our Team

  • Damien Duhamel

    Damien is our Managing Partner who is in charge to lead company's engagements with Fortune 500 firms as well as Middle East conglomerates. He has extensive experience in supporting various clients from Saudi Arabia, ranging from government agencies, large family business and also business conglomerates such as Al Jazirah, Accredited Valuers, Al Sulaiman Group, and many more. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Business from Victoria University, an MBA from Chicago Booth School of Business, and also a Master degree from Harvard University, majoring in Sustainability and Environmental Management.

  • Erika Welch

    Erika is YCP Solidiance's Partner based in the United Arab Emirates. She holds responsibility to supervise operational aspects and growth in our Middle East works. She has more than 10 years of experience in the field of strategy consulting and has collaborated with prominent corporations, government agencies and foundations in a wide range of projects across various sectors. She obtained degrees from McGill University and the University of Cambridge and also graduated with honors from Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Prior to joining Market Research Iraq, Erika was a Senior Advisor and Collaborative Innovations Manager who was in charge in addressing sustainability challenges in different sectors in the Arab region.

  • Nabil Ramadan

    Nabil is a Partner based in United Arab Emirates. He is responsible in managing a team of expert consultants and analysts in executing strategic growth projects in the Middle East Region and presenting final recommendations to clients. He specializes in benchmarking, conducting internal and external assessment, pricing and sales optimization strategy, as well as leading feasibility study. Before working at Market Research Iraq he worked as revenue management in MENA region on trade investment, pricing and assortment performance.

  • Omar Shatila

    Omar is a Manager at YCP Solidiance who has worked on projects across the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Malaysia. He excels in financial modeling and due diligence, and corporate valuations. He also specializes in market entry and growth strategies in the middle east. He has previous banking experience and advised clients in the real estate sector. Omar joined Solidiance after completing his Master’s degree in Finance from the American University of Beirut. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Lebanese American University. Omar Speaks fluent English and Arabic, and conversational French.

  • Rida El Chab

    Rida is our Director at Lebanon office who maintains our client engagements across the Middle East and Southeast Asia regions. He has expertise in quantitative studies, market entry analysis, as well as market growth. Previously he worked as a management consultant in Southeast Asia for two years, before joining Market Research Iraq. He holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and Management, and also a Master degree of Science from the University of Lyon, majoring in Quantitative Economics and Finance.

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